Our preventive medical check-ups include individual vaccinations, feeding advice and regular examinations. They serve to detect and protect your pet against diseases and thus prolong its lifespan and vital quality.

As a precaution, we offer individual vaccinations tailored to your pet. We use only the vaccine that is necessary and appropriate to protect your pet from infectious diseases and is well tolerated by your pet.

The interval between deworming treatments (anthelmintic) also varies from animal to animal. Decisive for this are free-ranging, consumption of fresh meat and hunting or eating behaviour. As a result, a free-range cat that hunts many mice must be dewormed much more frequently than a domestic cat. Parasitological faecal examinations for worms can only be used to a very limited extent to decide when to deworm, as e.g. tapeworm eggs (parts of the tapeworm) are excreted at very irregular intervals. This means a negative finding unfortunately does not exclude the infestation with tapeworms.

We will be happy to give you professional advice on pet keeping and feeding, as this will prevent illnesses and increase its well-being.

We accompany you in all stages of your pets life and support you with our many years of experience. In addition to annual health checks including blood tests, we offer examinations of urine, faeces and pathological changes.

Of course, you can also have your animal tagged with a microchip.