Dental Treatments

Dogs, cats and pets often suffer from diseases of the teeth, which can lead to strong pain and reduced quality of life. This can often be seen in exhaustion, loss of appetite and pain in the snout area. Since the symptoms are manifold, diseases of the teeth are often not associated with it by the owner.

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments for this special field. In this way, dental and jaw diseases can be diagnosed quickly and reliably. We offer a painless removal of tartar by ultrasound under anaesthesia. In addition, we polish and fluoridate the teeth to slow down the formation of new tartar. If your animal's teeth are very badly damaged, we can also remove them under anaesthesia. So that the tartar does not return immediately to the dog and cat, we will be happy to instruct and advise you on how to clean your pet's teeth.

Rabbits and guinea pigs often suffer from malpositioned teeth, which can lead to pain during eating and complete loss of appetite. This subsequently impairs the entire sensitive gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to serious digestive disorders.

We carry out dental corrections on rabbits and guinea pigs awake or under anaesthesia. Depending on the condition of the animal and the teeth, we decide how the treatment is to be carried out. If necessary, we will X-ray the head of your pet under anaesthesia in order to be able to fully assess the teeth and tooth roots.