Clinic Facilities

Our practice is equipped according to the most modern standards. This enables us to examine the blood of your animal on site, to X-ray digitally, to carry out sonographic examinations and to take it in for in-patient treatment.

For the examination of blood samples we have several ultra-modern devices in our clinic, which can collect all important parameters within only 12 minutes. This enables us to quickly find a diagnosis, especially in emergencies, which can save lives.

In order to guarantee a very good quality and evaluability, our X-rays are made digitally. If you wish, you can take the images with you on CD.

Some important illnesses, such as uterine inflammations, intestinal tumours and bladder inflammations can best be clarified by means of sonography (ultrasound). Therefore, we have a very good sonographic device with several probes.

We are also happy to accompany the pregnancy of your pet, which can be easily detected with ultrasonography. Even the heartbeat and movement of the puppies can be clearly seen by you.

We carry out a mating time determination of your dog by means of vaginal smear and progesterone determination in the blood in our pet clinic, so that you can have your dog mated precisely without waiting for external laboratory results.

Of course, we also examine your animal's urine, faeces and pathological changes on site.

With us, your pet can be taken in and treated for serious illnesses.