Additional Services

To make sure your pet is well looked after, we offer home visits, special consultation hours for anxious animals and first aid courses as an additional service. We want you and your pet to be cared for well.

Should you not be able to come to us, we offer you home visits outside the consultation hours. Please make an appointment for a home visit by telephone and bear in mind that the diagnostic possibilities are very limited.

In the case of particularly anxious animals, you are welcome to make an appointment before or after the regular consultation hours so that your little companion can relax and get to know the clinic without waiting or being disturbed by other patients.

On special dates we offer first aid courses in the evening where we explain you the correct behaviour in case of an emergency (e.g. cut injuries) and show you what you can do yourself on-site. If you wish, you can also purchase emergency equipment from us.

Due to my many years of work in the Hospital for Birds and Reptiles, I am also able to provide professional care for these animals and would be delighted if you came by with a bird or reptile.