• competent and loving veterinary care

    We have made our love of animals our profession

    In our modern veterinary clinic in Leipzig-Wahren we treat your dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and other small animals.

Consultation Hours Pet Clinic Leipzig

In our pet clinic in Leipzig we provide appointments only, however, you can get an appointment at very short notice. This kind of planning ensures that your beloved animal can be treated in a goal-oriented and efficient manner without long waiting times. Please call us before you visit so that we can prepare everything for the arrival of your pet - also in emergencies.  


Mon AM 9-12 and PM 3-6
Tue AM 9-12
Wed AM 9-12 and PM 3-6
Thu AM 9-12 and PM 3-6
Fri AM 9-12 and PM 3-6
Sat AM 10-12 (in odd calendar weeks)

Prices are billed in accordance with the German Veterinary Fee Regulations (GOT). Payment is made directly after the treatment in cash or by debit card. Credit cards are not accepted.

Our Services & Treatments

comprehensive care


  • Customised vaccinations
  • Individual intervals for deworming
  • Feeding and keeping advise
  • Regular health checks
  • Microchip Tagging

Cat friendly

  • Short waiting times
  • Separate waiting areas
  • Elevated placement space for cat baskets
  • Well-trained personnel
  • Extented time for examinations
  • Relaxed atmosphere

Dental Treatments

  • Treatments for various dental problems
  • Professional dental care
  • Tooth corrections for rabbits and guinea pigs


  • Quick blood tests on-site
  • High quality digital X-ray, HD and ED X-Ray
  • Modern sonography, also for pregnancy examinations
  • Mating time determination
  • Examination of urine, faeces and pathological changes
  • In-patient care


  • Wide range of soft tissue operations
  • Anaesthesia monitoring
  • Injection and inhalation anaesthesia
  • Infusion during anaesthesia
  • Orthopaedic surgery

Additional Services

  • Home visits
  • Special appointments for anxious animals
  • First-aid training courses
  • Specialized bird and reptile treatments
  • Euthanasia

Our Team

Professional and Caring

Tierärztin Dr. Cornelia Fricke, Leipzig-Wahren | Fachtierärztin für Klein- und Heimtiere, Zusatzbezeichnungen Zier-, Zoo- und Wildvögel und Reptilien

Dr. Cornelia Fricke

Specialist Veterinarian

I have been working as a small-animal veterinarian since 2001 and have worked in various veterinary practices and clinics. I am specialist veterinarian for small and pet animals and have the additional qualifications ornamental, zoo and wild birds and reptiles. In order to always be up to date and to treat your pets in the best possible way, I regularly attend further training courses.

Tierärztin Lena Enderle, Tierarztpraxis Dr. Cornelia Fricke, Leipzig-Wahren

Lena Enderle


I have worked for a considerable period in the Kleintierklinik Leipzig and in various veterinary practices. With my heart's blood I work on always new and better treatment possibilities for my patients, I like to operate and always have an open ear for the pet owners and their worries.

TMFA Sarah Hasselfeld, Tierarztpraxis Dr. Cornelia Fricke, Leipzig-Wahren

Sarah Hasselfeld

Veterinary Assistant

I have been a veterinary assistant since 2011 and have worked in a larger animal clinic as well as a smaller pet clinic. My main interests are animal protection, dog behaviour and everything around rabbits & guinea pigs. In me you will find the right contact person for parasite treatment and dental hygiene for your beloved pet.

TMFA Josy Hartl, Tierarztpraxis Dr. Cornelia Fricke, Leipzig-Wahren

Josy Hartl

Veterinary Assistant

I have been working as a veterinary assistant since 2016. My heart beats faster with everything that concerns cats. I have an additional qualification for cat genetics and gladly advise cat breeders on any questions that may arise. You are also welcome to contact me if you have any questions about cat behaviour.